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A Look Back at Study Abroad in 2021
The perseverance and hard work of the UCEAP community helped students to study abroad once again in 2021.
Student experiences are highlighted in a video featuring images contributed by UCEAP participants. Through that lens, you can see study abroad students as they learn, explore, and transform during 2021.
Watch it now.
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Workshop on Teaching Heritage Spanish Speakers Abroad
With increasing numbers of Hispanic students studying abroad, UCEAP Faculty Director in Spain Cristina Martínez-Carazo was inspired to organize a workshop for professors teaching Spanish to heritage speakers.
The workshop allowed Spanish professors to:
  • Get familiarized with the methodology used in the UC System.
  • Expand their knowledge about the profile of our Hispanic UC students.
  • Discuss the teaching techniques that help Hispanic students expand their knowledge of the Spanish language and culture.
Professor Agustina Carando, who specializes in teaching Spanish for heritage speakers at UC Davis, led the workshops last fall at the University of Barcelona in Barcelona and at Universidad Complutense and Universidad Carlos III, both in Madrid.


Scavenger Hunt in Edinburgh
The Edinburgh Study Center in Scotland had a delayed Thanksgiving scavenger hunt on December 4 for UK-Scotland program students.
A series of cryptic clues led the students to well-known spots in the center of Edinburgh, including Dolly the sheep—the first cloned mammal—in the National Museum of Scotland. The students braved rain, sleet, and snow to complete the hunt, and were rewarded with filled bagels, snacks, pumpkin pie, and an early Christmas gift!

The option to get bonus points by taking photos with unicorns in the background turned out to be very popular. UK-Scotland’s national animal is the unicorn, so if you keep your eyes peeled around Edinburgh, you’ll find them everywhere!


Adam Freed
After a year and a half, Adam Freed is leaving the Global Learning coordinator and advisor position at UC Santa Cruz.
Adam advised on UCEAP in addition to working on Global Seminar and Global Classroom development. His last day was Friday, December 17, 2021.
Portrait of Madison Lucero
Madison Lucero
Madison Lucero has joined the UC Santa Cruz team as the new Global Learning outreach coordinator.
Madison is an alumna of UC Santa Cruz, where she studied abroad with UCEAP in Cordoba, Spain. After graduating, Madison taught English abroad in Thailand. More recently, she worked with UC Santa Cruz Global Learning as an intern while completing her master’s degree in International Education Management at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies. She also served as the Global Engagement office manager.
Portrait of Nadia Macias.
Nadia Macias-Driscoll
Nadia Macias-Driscoll has joined the London Study Center as a program officer. She will work closely with UCEAP students on UK-England programs and more widely with all United Kingdom and Ireland participants.

Nadia has held positions with Berkeley School of Law, InGenius Prep, and more recently at the US Embassy in London. As a UC Berkeley and UCEAP alumna, Nadia brings her experience mentoring UCEAP students through the London UC Berkeley alumni chapter to this position.
Jeanie O’Connell
Jeanie O’Connell will retire on January 31 after 24 years at UCEAP as a program specialist. Jeanie has been an anchor for Region III and the organization.
Over the years she has worked with programs in 11 countries, seen five executive directors serve terms at UCEAP, and worked with five different program directors. Jeanie has been happiest doing whatever she can to ensure students can participate in programs. A virtual retirement celebration will be held on January 26 at 11 am. An invitation will follow by email.
Marina Pianca
Marina Pianca passed away on June 19, 2021, at the age of 72. She was a former UCEAP study center director in Italy. Marina was professor emerita in the Department of Hispanic Studies at UC Riverside, having previously served as the chair of the Latin American Studies program there. Marina was born in Argentina to Italian parents, and she drew on personal knowledge of Argentina’s Dirty War to study the representation in popular art of people’s physical and psychological suffering under dictatorships. In particular, she focused on popular theater as a form of political engagement and resistance.
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