February 2022

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Deadline for Summer UCEAP Global Scholarship, Gallen Family Scholarship, and Mara Melandry Scholarship
Study Abroad Day
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International Day of Education
13-17 UC Study Abroad Conference
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UC Study Abroad Conference and Plural Voices
The UC Study Abroad Conference will once again be a collaborative, live, virtual event for 2022.
From June 13-17, the conference will offer online sessions with the overarching theme of Plural Voices: Health, Identity, and Belonging.
Over a week of online events, staff from the UCEAP Systemwide Office, campus international offices, study centers, and campus financial aid will discuss the future of international education across UC.
Event details and a call for proposals are coming soon. Watch for more information in future UCEAPulse newsletters and your email inbox.
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Tips for a Regenerative—Not Just Sustainable—Study Abroad Experience
To leave a positive impact takes more than reducing the carbon footprint produced by your trip and sustainability alone isn’t enough. See how a regenerative mindset on study abroad can help save the planet.
Share the post in your student communications and show students the role that responsible travel can play in saving the planet.
Also consider resharing these updated posts:
  • The popular blog post 14 Countries Where You Can Save Money on Study Abroad has been refreshed to include 2021-22 program comparisons.
  • Also, new student testimonials have been added to How to Pack Light for Study Abroad.
Call for Alumni Feedback The editorial team for The Californian Abroad is writing a blog post titled Skills You Learn on Study Abroad that will Pay Off Forever. The goal is to inspire future UCEAP students to study abroad with alumni stories. Ask alumni to tell UCEAP a skill (personal, professional, or otherwise) they learned on study abroad that has paid off for them. Alumni should send their stories to communications@uceap.universityofcaifornia.edu.
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Study Abroad Day
Across the globe, the international education community will celebrate Study Abroad Day and recognize its lasting impacts on students, campuses, and the world.
UCEAP will join Study Abroad Day by offering a UCEAP 101 session at 12:30 pm and 5 pm (both PT) on Monday, February 28.
Share the registration information below with your students.
  • 12:30 pm, February 28
  • 5 pm, February 28
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UCEAP Systemwide Office Heading to a New Home
The UCEAP Systemwide Office is in packing mode as staff prepare to move to new headquarters in Goleta, California.
Cubicles are being dismantled, files are being sorted, and computer equipment is being packed, distributed, or decommissioned. Over at the new office space, preparations include IT infrastructure, security arrangements, and a working floorplan.
On March 1, the UCEAP Systemwide Office will open the doors at its new location: 420 S Fairview Ave., Suite 200, Goleta, Calif. 93117.
The office’s footprint will be smaller than it was on Hollister Avenue as much of the staff will continue to work a remote or hybrid schedule.


UCEAPeeps Around the World Cookbook
UCEAPeeps Around the World presenters have been working on their cooking skills and trying out new recipes during the last year.
Some of them shared their adventures during UCEAPeeps presentations. Now they are sharing their recipes in the UCEAPeeps Around the World 2021 Recipes cookbook.
People from study centers, universities, and the Systemwide Office submitted 11 recipes—all with an Asian flair.
You’ll find recipes like Hongshao Dan (Red-cooked Eggs), Tonjiru (Hearty Pork and Root Vegetable Soup), Steamed Crystal Dumplings, and Hainanese Chicken Rice.
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Black History Month
Studying in Ghana was a dream come true. As an African American woman who had never been to Africa, it is hard to describe the feeling I got when I looked around and every face looked like mine. I felt at ease and welcomed. I felt for the first time in my life that I was home.
Violet Henderson•UC Berkeley•Ghana


Tina Brilli
UC San Diego Study Abroad’s in-house financial aid advisor Tina Brilli has left to take a position in private industry. Tina helped establish and develop her position in the office, and offered her unwavering support to students as they pursued their dream of study abroad.
portrait of Nancy Osborne
Nancy Osborne
UCEAP resident travel insurance expert Nancy Osborne will be providing guidance to leaders of other UC international activities through UC Travel Registration and Insurance Services (TRIS). She’ll consult on activities that include study abroad, field research, cultural exchanges, and other academic collaborations. Extending through the 2022-23 fiscal year, this new arrangement will showcase UCEAP’s high profile as a systemwide unit and demonstrate UCEAP’s support of campus international activities and goals. You’ll see a change in Nancy’s signature line, but she can continue to be reached via her usual Outlook address. Don’t hesitate to contact Nancy directly with any questions.
Kelly Zúñiga
Kelly Zúñiga has joined the UC Los Angeles International Education Office as an international programs advisor. Kelly received her bachelor’s degree in French and Francophone Studies from UCLA, where she had the opportunity to study abroad at the University of Lyon through UCEAP. She then pursued a graduate degree in International Education Management at the Middlebury Institute, which allowed her to return to work in France. Most recently, Kelly maintained ties to the international higher education community serving as an exchange visitor counselor at UCLA, where she has supported UCEAP Reciprocity students. She’s a strong believer in the power of intercultural interactions and even facilitates courses for international students.
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