February 2021

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Alumna Styled Lady Gaga for Inauguration
As a part of the House of Gaga, Sandra Amador worked on creating Lady Gaga’s style for Inauguration Day. Amador, who is a UCEAP Madrid alumna, told Vogue magazine they wanted the singer to look “strong, romantic, and timeless.” When Lady Gaga performed the national anthem, her ensemble included a large, gold dove brooch as a symbol of harmony. “The dove, which represents love and peace, was our biggest inspiration,” Amador told Vogue. The 2010 UC Los Angeles graduate has been Lady Gaga’s personal stylist since 2015.
Photo: Lady Gaga enters the inauguration platform at the 59th Presidential Inauguration ceremony in Washington, Jan. 20, 2021. Source: Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Credit: Navy Petty office 1st Class Carlos M. Vazquez II, licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0.

UCEAP news

UC Study Abroad Conference June 14-18
The UC Study Abroad Conference will be a collaborative, live, virtual event in 2021.
With the overarching theme of Resiliency, Recovery, and Rebuilding, topics include:
  • COVID-19's impact on study abroad and lessons learned
  • Health and safety challenges in a post-pandemic world
  • The value of study abroad on a UC education
  • Rebuilding international education for UC students
Over a week of online events, staff from the UCEAP Systemwide Office, campus international offices, study centers, and campus financial aid will discuss the future of international education across UC.

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Test Your Knowledge of Rom-Com Movie Trivia
Celebrate Valentine’s Day with UCEAP alumni and staff during a trivia event at noon on February 12.
The Alumni team and trivia-wiz Hannah Vander Sal are putting together Valentine’s Day-inspired brain teasers on rom-com classics—think Sleepless in Seattle or Pretty Woman.
Registration details will be emailed the week of
February 8.
To submit trivia questions or request registration details, contact Bryn Lemon.

The CaliforniaN ABROAD

How to Help Stop Global Climate Change
Students fired up about global climate change are encouraged to explore study abroad programs where they can take action.
They'll publish research papers, participate in community water projects, and take student leadership roles in international climate negotiations and make a difference.
Share the post about how to help stop global climate change in your student communications and inspire the climate change-makers at UC.
Do you have a success story? Want to recognize a colleague's contributions? Submit your news for UCEAPulse.


UCEAP Portal Project in Teams
UCEAP Portal project notes and conversations have moved to Teams. Look for the team called UCEAP Portal Project (M2) to join and access these channels:
  • General channel: See updates about the project and post questions to the IT team. Find documentation under the Files tab.
  • Stakeholder channels: The IT project team will post questions to staff about feature requests and ask for testing support for features related to specific groups (e.g., academics or campus advisors).
  • If you need to report issues or request features, continue to use the Service Desk.
You can still find UCEAP Portal user documentation in Box for now.
If you can’t access the UCEAP Portal Project in Teams or the user documentation in Box, contact Emily Stewart.