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April 2022

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Students Honored for Their Exceptional Work at Internships
Receiving 2021-22 Fall Internship Awards, two students have been recognized for their exceptional internships on study abroad with UCEAP.
Eden Evans, UC San Diego, Central European Studies, Czech Republic: Their internship was at cinema studio Urban Space Epics.
"This internship was my first experience working in a studio environment, and it introduced me to the world of artist residencies. As I build my portfolio and continue to make connections in the art community, I'll find my focus before I attend graduate school."
Kamille Suayan, UC Irvine, Yonsei University, Korea: Their internship was at VRillAR, a virtual reality startup.
“While I struggled at times, it gave me the opportunity to learn about a technology I had been too afraid to learn alone. ... Now I feel I have a foundation to do more projects related to 3D visualization and games, and I'm motivated to keep up with trends related to virtual reality."
The Spring 2021-22 Internship Awards application will open in mid-July.
Learn more about the Internship Awards on the scholarships web page.
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Marketing Survey:
3 Factors Drove Students’ Choice of Programs
The most recent UCEAP Winter Marketing Survey asked fall 2021-22 study abroad participants about their interest in study abroad, program decisions, communications, and more.
Highlights from the survey results include:
  • A noticeable shift in their motivations to study abroad, which is now driven largely by their desire to experience personal growth.
  • A shift in factors that influenced their program choice, including location, instruction in English, and course offerings.
  • The level of support they received emerged as the most positive aspect of university life abroad.
  • More respondents noted hearing about UCEAP from campus events, including campus tours and orientations, the UCEAP website as well as from other students.
  • A significant shift in respondents' social media channel use also emerged from the survey. Fewer than a third of respondents use Facebook. The most popular platforms are Instagram, followed by TikTok and YouTube.
Fall 2021-22 UCEAP participants were invited to participate in the Winter Marketing Survey between January and February 2022. Of the 766 individuals invited, 127 responded (~17% response rate), and 94 completed the entire survey. Find UCEAP public research on the Research website.
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Conference News

Register for the UC Study Abroad Conference
Being Held June 13-17
From June 13-17, the 2022 UC Study Abroad Conference offers sessions inspired by the theme Plural Voices: Health, Identity, and Belonging.
A hybrid of virtual and in-person events, the conference welcomes international education professionals as well as colleagues in financial aid, academic, and diversity departments.
UCEAP will provide two days of lodging, meals, and transportation costs for staff in UC campus study abroad offices.
Register for the conference now!
And there’s still time to submit a proposal for a conference session. The extended deadline is April 29.
For more information, contact the Conference Committee. Watch the UC Study Abroad Conference website for the upcoming schedule.
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Welcome to the New Systemwide Office
The World Room is wired. Offices are decked out. Cubicles line the room. The copier stands at the ready in the supply room. And, crucially, the coffee maker is in the kitchen. After a massive effort, the new Systemwide Office is open for business. At 420 S. Fairview Ave. in Goleta, UCEAP banners on either side of the front door welcome students, staff, and visitors. “Every person at UCEAP contributed in one way or another, and, collaboratively, we successfully reached this milestone—and I am thankful to all,” said Lance Heather, assistant director of Facilities Operations & Administrative Services. The smaller office size will easily accommodate the Systemwide staff as it maintains a primarily remote and hybrid workforce model. “Re-creating the new World Room layout as closely to the old was something I thought would provide comfort and a sense of familiarity, and I hope that came through," Lance said. The World Room media supports hybrid (in-person and remote) meeting attendees, which is an essential feature. “It was incredible to have leadership back onsite for a DC (Directors’ Council) meeting and I appreciated their positive feedback and acknowledgement,” he said. Critically, the office also meets UC policy for seismic outfitting and other standards. Special Thanks Lance offers special thanks to those who were instrumental in the transition to the new space. The Space Planning Group provided guidance and unwavering support: •Vivian-Lee Nyitray, associate vice provost and executive director •Bryna Bock, human resources director •Michael Marcelli, budget and finance director •Thomas Bunnell, information technology director •Maisee Thao, senior analyst Scott Kasai, network/systems technical support analyst: Scott, while very short-handed, managed the packing of IT equipment, thoughtfully evaluated what to keep and what to offer to staff and campus colleagues. He advised on networking discussions with a focus on network integrity and stability. Thomas Bunnell: Thomas was onsite every day and never afraid to get his hands dirty. It wasn’t unusual to see him cleaning out spaces and—despite how busy he was—lending a hand. His frontline leadership was inspiring and motivating, especially during some of the more challenging times. Jason Hall, facilities operations and administrative services coordinator: Jason joined the Admin Team mid-move and immediately hit the ground running. His willingness to learn on the fly and adapt to the ever-changing environment immediately took the pressure off. He often found creative solutions at critical moments to keep the momentum moving forward. Bryna Bock: Bryna kept me grounded and often was tasked with talking me down from the latest setback. She provided me the autonomy to be successful and supported the decisions I made. When I needed help, she was always quick to coordinate temps. Additional thanks to Human Resources Generalist Alex Schoenwetter, who, with Bryna, moved Jason’s recruitment through expeditiously. Administrative assistants Donna Brosnan and Kathleen Chiarappa pulled double duty running the day-to-day operations at both the old and new offices while adapting to rapid changes. “The term ‘it takes a village’ truly applies to this move,” Lance said.


Renaming (and Rebranding) the Marketing and Communications Team
The Marketing and Communications Department has changed its name to Communications and Engagement to align with UCEAP’s strategic goals.
“The shift from Marketing and Communications to Communications and Engagement emphasizes our position within the UC system as a provider of rich academic experiences abroad for all UC students,” said Vivian-Lee Nyitray, UCEAP’s associate vice provost and executive director.
“The word engagement more accurately reflects the strategic direction in which UCEAP is heading, whether it’s with UC students and staff, partner institution students and staff, campus offices, UCOP, alumni, parents, the Academic Senate, or the faculty.” 
The new name is more than just a title change. The Communications and Engagement team has submitted new strategic goals emphasizing communications as a SERVICE empowering the students, faculty, and staff of a top-tiered public university system. Moving forward, the team will be working on initiatives to foster collaboration, innovation, and meaningful discourse throughout the UCEAP community.
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Students Win Big in 2022-23 with Fee Decreases
in Many Programs
A stronger headcount in 2021-22 has translated to many program fees coming down for 2022-23.
“We’re slowly rebuilding. Our modeling for next year indicates that we’ll perhaps have 3,900 students, so it’s turning into quite the V-shaped recovery, which we’re very excited about,” Budget and Finance Director Michael Marcelli said. “Having weathered this incredible, unprecedented storm, we’re stronger than ever and continue to move forward.” One of the biggest victories is that 51 program options have no additional program-participation fees, making them more affordable for students. Students will also find 164 program options where fees have decreased.

Setting the fees is a highly collaborative process involving numerous units, thanks to the Program Directors and their teams, study center staff, host institutions, and the dedicated members of the Finance team that spend months preparing, analyzing and reviewing all the components of the hundreds of program options for the UC students. Developing more programs that target specific needs of students and the UC system—like impacted courses or assisting with sending students outbound for Fall to address the housing shortfalls at the UC campuses —can distinguish UCEAP programs from other provider programs.
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Bordeaux Study Center and Students Celebrate Earth Day Early
Over the last two months, UCEAP students, studying in Bordeaux, France, started celebrating Earth Day early with a series of Going Green activities.
In February, students, Bordeaux Study Center staff, and former UCEAP France Faculty Director Daniel Brunstetter planted over 40 apple and pear trees on campus. For the project, the study center and students joined with Jardins Partagés AOC, an on-campus community garden at the University of Bordeaux, and La Cuvée des Ecolos, an on-campus environmental association.
Students also volunteered at the campus food bank to help students facing food insecurity. They worked with the fruits and vegetables that shops and markets were about to throw out, making them available for other students. March saw the spring- and year-term students picking up trash along a 1-kilometer (almost 2/3 of a mile) path on campus. The walk was capped by an al fresco lunch among the flowering trees planted the month before. “Student feedback is very positive regarding their connections with local organizations, campus life, and being able to keep up with their UC sustainable practices, such as the student garden in Berkeley,” said Anais Tierney, program assistant at the Bordeaux Study Center. This month, the study center has planned an excursion to The Parcot Farm, where they’ll learn about historical farming lifestyles, hands-on breadmaking in a stone oven, and even basketmaking. A naturalist will also lead a tour of the nearby woods and fields, pointing out how the peasants transformed the rural world at the time. On a later excursion, the study center plans a walk on the sands of Arcachon Bay, clearing the beach of litter. Study center staff hope to finish off the day with an oyster lunch. “We’re planning to make those GG activities more recurrent for the next semester’s programs and to be able to advertise them early to increase students’ participation,” Anais said.
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Celebrating Earth Day
I researched the environmental impacts of hydraulic fracturing. At the end of my program, I presented my discoveries to a panel of professional scientists and engineers. My internship inspired me to join the list of people who dedicate their lives to minimizing negative human impact on the planet. I became, as my professor calls it, an "Earth Doctor."
Xin Yi Tan•UC Santa Barbara•STEM Research•Osaka University


portrait of Andrea Asai
Andrea Asai
Andrea Asai has joined UCEAP as an international programs specialist and will be working with programs on Team SOAA (Spain, Oceania, Asia, and the Americas). Andrea comes to UCEAP from SIT Study Abroad, where she had been an admissions counselor supporting students through the acceptance and pre-departure processes since 2017. She studied International Studies with a minor in Japanese as an undergraduate and completed a master's degree in International Education from New York University. During college, Andrea studied abroad in India where she learned Hindi, and then moved to Japan where she taught English on the JET Program.
Amanda Cheung
Amanda Cheung has taken up a new position at UC Berkeley as career advisor with the School of Information. Since 2019, she has been in the role of intake adviser at Berkeley Study Abroad, supporting hundreds of students' journeys abroad.
Amanda has taken the Peer Advising program to the next level during the shift to virtual, substantially revising the curriculum, and creating opportunities for our peer advisors to develop as professionals.
portrait of Emma Beckman
Emma Beckman
Emma Beckman has joined the UC Santa Cruz team as a new Global Learning coordinator and advisor.

An Indiana native, Emma has spent the last seven years living in Japan. During college, she studied abroad for a year at Waseda University in Japan. Emma completed a bachelor’s degree in Japanese Studies at Earlham College and then returned to Japan to teach English. Most recently, Emma served as the study abroad coordinator at Waseda University, managing a portfolio of exchange partners.
Justin Berens
Justin Berens comes to UCEAP from UC San Diego, where he has held several roles, including undergraduate advisor for the Department of Cognitive Science, STEM community coordinator, program manager for Post-Baccalaureate Premedical Program, and graduate fellowship advisor. He previously worked as a study abroad coordinator at the University of San Diego where he served as the onsite coordinator for faculty-led programs in London and Hong Kong. Justin has a bachelor's degree in Management from Boston College and master's degree in College Student Development from St. Edward's University.
Carolyn Christianer
With over 10 years of higher education administration experience, Carolyn Christianer will serve as an international program specialist with Team MEEA (Middle East, Europe, and Africa). She most recently worked at Coconino Community College as an academic and career advisor and before that was at Northern Arizona University (NAU) as an education abroad advisor. In her position at NAU, she oversaw 80+ programs in 10 countries and increased student participation by 55% through innovative recruitment strategies. Carolyn studied abroad at Murdoch University in Perth, Australia. She has a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Studies and a master’s degree in Counseling with a student affairs emphasis, both from NAU.
Gigi Estilo
Gigi Estilo has joined UC Berkeley Study Abroad as a study abroad advisor. A Chicago native, Gigi is an advisor who is passionate about cultural exchange, providing transformative experiences for her students, and creating inclusive and equitable spaces that empower underrepresented staff at UC Berkeley through collaboration and sustainable change. Her love for exchange abroad programs stems from her experiences as a second-generation Filipina American and her initial study abroad journey in Tokyo, Japan, as an undergraduate. Prior to joining the Berkeley Study Abroad Team, she was a student services advisor for Summer Sessions and the lead student services advisor for the Berkeley Global Access Programs at UC Berkeley Extension.
Veronica Marrujo
Working with Team SOAA programs, Veronica Marrujo will serve as an international academic specialist.
She brings with her extensive experience in higher education administration as well as international experience living, studying, and interning abroad. She spent several years living in London, where she earned a master’s degree in Psychology and interned at the US-UK Fulbright Commission. Seeing and experiencing firsthand how going abroad can change someone's life, she’s excited to assist future UCEAP students in their study abroad journeys and strongly believes in the value and importance of international education.
Lily Rodriguez
Lily Rodriguez has joined UCEAP as an international program specialist and will be working with Team SOAA programs. Lily comes to UCEAP from California State University Los Angeles (CSULA) where she worked as senior coordinator.

At CSULA, she was responsible for all inbound and outbound exchange programs and international student services. Lily previously worked at UCEAP as a program advisor with the Reciprocity team from 2018 to 2021. Lily has a bachelor's degree in Psychology and a master’s degree in Student Affairs. She is also an alumna of UCEAP’s European Transformations program in Rome and Madrid. Lily’s experience on UCEAP gave her the confidence and courage to return to Spain as a teacher for several years.
Armando Silva
Armando Silva is joining the IT Team as a full stack Drupal developer.

Armando will contribute to the teams working on the UCEAP and Reciprocity websites and the UCEAP Portal. A UC Santa Cruz alumnus, Armando has previously worked at UCLA Health, Kaiser Permanente, and recently as a Sandstorm Design developer.
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