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Study Abroad Can Be Affordable
UCEAP partners with UC campuses to seamlessly transition your college finances to your study broad program. Whatever your budget, UCEAP can help you reach your goals.
You can
work with the financial aid advisors
your campus study abroad office to determine your budget options.
Your UC financial aid budget is adjusted to include all UCEAP program costs (including airfare).
Your campus study abroad office can help you find and apply for scholarships to reduce the cost of traveling and studying abroad.
You don’t have to transfer or move your financial aid—it automatically follows you abroad—and the scholarships you earn are automatically applied.
Here's how you can finance study abroad:
Step 1

Look for Cost-Effective Programs

On some yearlong programs, you could spend less than you would if you stayed at your home UC campus.
Your cost could be even lower than the sample budget if you are eligible for additional financial aid or scholarships, such as military benefits or scholarships for transfer students.

Take advantage of the cost savings and open up your budget for more excursions and activities.
types of UCEAP scholarships
application covers most UCEAP awards
Step 2

Get a Customized Budget 

Price out your program expenses with the program cost calculator, including tuition, fees, books, housing, and airfare.
Get a customized estimate that takes into account your campus, residency, class level, and term.

You can even print it out to bring to your financial aid office.

donated for scholarships during
Global Day of Giving fundraisers
undergraduate awards available once you return
Step 3
Apply for Scholarships 
You want to invest in your future by studying abroad, and UCEAP scholarships can help make that happen. You could be eligible for thousands in scholarships.
You can learn more about study abroad scholarships on the UCEAP website, from your campus study abroad advisor, and financial planning and scholarship workshops at your campus. 

Additional scholarships are available depending on:

Where you go
While you study
How long you study abroad
The type of program you choose
Economic need


Scholarships can make your study abroad dream come true. One UC Santa Barbara student paid for his entire trip plus extra excursions with scholarships.
Find out how he did it.
My parents initially didn’t think it was financially plausible for me to study abroad, but after doing research about scholarship opportunities and financial aid, I realized it was.
Gabriel Pine • UC Los Angeles • China
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