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A person paints on a canvas
You're an artistic movement all on your own. You find a collage sculpture in a pile of sticky notes, a jazz bassline in a construction site, and a haiku in every math problem.
Your ideal program types: International and UC Curriculum
What is an International program like?
You’ll choose courses from a custom curriculum designed for visiting international students. On international programs, you’ll meet students from around the world with most of the travel details handled for you.
What is a UC Curriculum program like?
You’ll use a city as a classroom while taking courses on a program designed specifically for UC students. Stay in your UC bubble and make friends with your UC peers while earning UC credit.
See your ideal programs
There could be more—these are just a few of the best for your personality.
Where would you like to study abroad?
Study abroad programs that look at all aspects of a country’s culture—from art to food—to communication and architecture are available in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East.