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You can't live without that adrenaline rush. On the agenda: Everything you haven't tried yet.
Your ideal program types: Immersion and Multi-site
What is an Immersion program like?
What is a Multi-site program like?
You’ll design your own experience—set your own class schedule at a local university, find your own housing, and plan trips outside the program. Immersion programs are ideal for independent adventurers who are ready to take on the world.
You’ll double up with a program in multiple countries where custom courses, lectures, and site visits make the most of the experience. Multi-site programs cover a lot of ground in both academics and travel.
See your ideal programs
There could be more—these are just a few of the best for your personality.
Where would you like to study abroad?
Study abroad programs that will take you to the glaciers, mountains, countryside villages, or even the metropolises of a country are available in Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, Oceania, and South America.